Brewing up a dream

There’s a void in Hamilton and Warren Pyper wants to fill it with beer. Craft beer.

“I love beer and products that are well made,” Pyper says as he gets ready for pitch night for the sudsy dream he has to start up The Hamilton Brewery.

Nov. 20 at 6 p.m. will be the second pitch night he’s hosted at the Casbah Lounge at 306 King Street West. His plan is straightforward, he needs to raise $1 million to get the THB up and running and he’s looking for investors. $10,000 buys one share, and if all goes well the investor would recover investment costs and make a profit in eight years.

Pyper’s dad, Dwayne Pyper is a chartered accountant, and did a thorough evaluation of the business plan to make sure his son wasn’t looking at the dream through beer goggles. “He’s the one who’s kept me going, he believes in following your passion,” Pyper says.

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