factor(e) design initiative

factor[e] design initiative is a creative studio based in Hamilton, Ontario.  Although our core skills revolve around inventive strategy, design, web, print and multimedia solution, our core beliefs revolve around ensuring that our creativity and inventiveness work for you, your business, and you community.

We believe that what we do is in the service of people, that technology and design exist to make communication, and indeed, lives better. As a result, whether it is a website, a rebrand, or a fully integrated communication strategy, you have our assurance that it will be effectively infused with unparalleled insight and intuition.

We believe in creative freedom, open collaboration and uncompromising quality. Founded in 1999 with the intent of establishing a place for design professionals to collaborate, cooperate and create, factor[e] has emerged as a leader in experiential technology development and design, forging a solid reputation for delivering dynamically ground-breaking solutions.

We believe in highly personal client relationships.  Much like our views on design and technology, we see our clients as partners that we are in the mutual service of.  As such we ensure a dedicated process that is open, honest, positive and productive.  We feel that with this vibrant and innovative creative process, we establish rigorous standards, and a devotion to artistic and technical excellence in order to achieve the best results for our clients.

We believe in fairness.  We are an incorporated, fully insured, an equal opportunity employer, and a member of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce. We specialize in high-quality design and inventive communication solutions that are achieved through the unique talent and expertise of our team. Our practical approach gives you direct access to the people doing the work and gives us the freedom to be flexible, creative and adaptable.

We believe in pushing boundaries.  As a collective, factor[e] has the capacity to deliver projects in a prompt and cost-effective manner. We have had the privilege of working with companies of all sizes, from local businesses to some of North America’s largest corporations. Our work with numerous regional organizations in both the public and private sector demonstrates our ability to understand and satisfy the needs of our clients, no matter what market they serve.

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