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The holidays are fast approaching, and we know how tough it can be to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Not to mention the malls and shops get busier and the crowds are unavoidable.

Luckily, we’ve put together a list of innovative, outside-the-box ideas for your gift giving needs this holiday season. Best of all, everything on this list can be purchased online from the comfort of your home, away from the frantic shoppers!

Check out these unique buys from some of our fantastic clients:


12455143-180-drums-online-lessons-instructorsFor the aspiring musician

Company: 180 Drums
Price: $20/month

Drum lessons from home, you say? Taught by the likes of Stevie Wonder’s drummer? Sounds too good to be true, but it’s exactly what 180 Drums offers – immediate, unlimited access to over 400 pre-recorded video drum lessons with the world’s best drummers, available nowhere else online. Stevie Wonder, Drake, Ariana Grande, Paramore, Carrie Underwood and Jason Aldean are only a handful of the artists represented by their collection of pro drummer lessons. The rock star in your life will be forever grateful! Monthly subscriptions can be purchased here.


bottom-classic-sweetFor the one with a (conscious) sweet tooth

Company: Dolled Up Desserts
Price: $20+ per dozen for desserts, $10 for premium baking mixes

Baked goods are a holiday staple, but with more people eating plant-based, gluten-free or simply more health-conscious, traditional desserts sometimes don’t cut it. That’s why Dolled Up Desserts creates high quality baked treats reminiscent of what “mom used to make” but with a modern twist: all their goodies are gluten-free and vegan, made with 25-50% less sugar and ingredients that are organic and locally sourced. Delicious and a healthy choice? You can’t go wrong! Buy their desserts and premium baking mixes here.


box-china-rose-radish-croppedFor the urban gardener

Company: Grow A Seed
Price: $34.99 for a starter growing kit

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to grow your own nutritious greens right at home? Grow A Seed helps you do this even if you don’t have a green thumb by offering an assortment of simple microgreen garden kits (about the size of a shoebox) that can be grown in your home, even without a lot of natural light. Microgreens are the initial sprouts of vegetable seeds, and when harvested and eaten just a couple weeks after planting, can have up to 40x higher levels of vital nutrients than their mature counterparts. The perfect gift for DIY devotees, health-conscious eaters and your green-loving friends! Find Grow A Seed’s nutrient-packed garden kits here.


nix-pro-color-sensor-04For the colour buff

Company: Nix Sensor Ltd.
Price: $399

Want to paint your bathroom the same periwinkle blue as your aunt’s sweater, but don’t feel like going through piles of paint swatches to get a match? The Nix Pro Color Sensor lets you scan her actual sweater and see the exact colour right on your smartphone. It blocks out ambient light and uses a calibrated light to give you industry-leading accuracy. Like the Photoshop eyedropper tool for real life, Nix takes the guesswork out of colour matching and provides the RGB, CMYK, HTML, HEX, CIELAB, and XYZ equivalents – your colour geek will rejoice! Order a Nix Pro Color Sensor here.


rtzblgf7gjenzb27ns7xefgl6mFor the plant-based foodie

Company: Nuts for Cheese
Price: $11.70

Many vegans admit cheese is the hardest food to give up when eating a plant-based diet. Nuts for Cheese offers a solution with their delicious artisan cashew-based cheeses. Including variations like “Un-Brie-Lievable”, “Super Blue” and “Smokey Artichoke & Herb”, these cheese alternatives pack some serious flavour. They’re cultured using traditional fermentation processes to produce decadent, creamy, and convincingly cheese-like wedges and spreads – a no-brainer for the plant-based foodie in your life or for anyone looking to try something new and dairy-free! Their wedges can be purchased here.


editFor the athlete

Company: Sniper Skin
Price: $12.99+

Let’s face it, hockey tape can be a pain – it’s messy, gets stinky, ruins equipment and isn’t recyclable. Sniper Skin has created the only product of its kind to not only replace hockey tape, but help protect your stick as well. The material can last 10-20 games on average compared to one or two games with traditional hockey tape, and the installation process is quick and easy. Sniper Skin also has grips available for hockey, lacrosse and baseball, in addition to their popular hockey blade cover. Check out their holiday collection and customizable grips and blades here!


tenthmoonFor the mom who could use some pampering

Company: Tenth Moon Mothercare
Price: $80+ packages, with individual items and gift cards available

Whether they’ll admit it or not, all new moms can do with some pampering! Tenth Moon Mothercare is Canada’s first postnatal care package company, providing natural, soothing and nutritious packages for moms after they’ve given birth – whether it’s their first baby or their fourth. The delightful packages include nutritious treats and organic goodies, soothing items like bath salts and oils, and nitty-gritty gotta-have-ems to help with the physical discomforts of recent childbirth. Treat the new mom in your life here!


maxresdefaultFor the DIY hobbyist

Company: Tron-Club
Price: $25/month

Making things from scratch can be rewarding. Even better is building something functional that does something you can actually see – like say, a circuit! Tron-Club wants to make circuit-building a hobby that anyone can do right at home with their monthly kits. Each kit includes the tools and instructions to build over 21 unique circuits, and is perfect for parents looking to teach their kids something new, makers who love to build, or software developers that want practice on the hardware side. Order a subscription for the maker (or wannabe-maker!) in your life here.


037a1049_1024x1024For the sleep-deprived parent

Company: ZippyJamz
Price: $29.99

Imagine this: you’re a parent, it’s midnight, and it’s time to change your baby. You unzip their sleeper, wrench their legs out, and now they’re lying naked, cold, awake and probably crying – your good night’s sleep just got cancelled! Luckily, there’s ZippyJamz: sleepers that combine two zippers in a single garment, allowing parents to change their babies without opening up their entire sleeper, keeping them warm and in a sleep state. Give the gift of better sleep and easier diaper changing here!




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